Army Deserters Lose Bid for Asylum

(CBS News) Two U.S. Army deserters who fled to Canada and sought refugee status on grounds of their opposition to the war in Iraq have lost their bids to have the Supreme Court of Canada hear their cases.

The court refused Thursday to hear the appeals of Jeremy Hinzman and Brandon Hughey, who were rejected by Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board in 2005.

The board ruled they would not be at risk of their lives if they returned to the United States, nor were they at risk of "cruel and unusual treatment or punishment."

Hinzman and Hughey deserted the U.S. Army in 2004 after learning their units were to be deployed to Iraq to fight in a war they have called immoral and illegal. The men argue that serving in Iraq would force them to commit crimes against civilians, and that they would be persecuted if forced to return to the United States.

When these people return I hope they are prosecuted for desertion. Not only because of the desertion, but because they made a spectacle of themselves. They fed the insane anti-war movement at the expense of their fellow soldiers.

And they did so maliciously. Hinzman applied for conscientious objector status because he didn’t want to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan… It had nothing to do with Iraq. He was afraid to fight in Afghanistan and they used Iraq to undermine the military. Now their bullshit excuses won't save them from facing charges