Democrats Tout Their Electability in ‘08

Sure, if Al Qaeda were eligible to vote

The Democratic presidential contenders appealed to party leaders for support on Friday, with Barack Obama touting his ability to attract new voters and John Edwards promising to reclaim Washington from special interests.

Barely a month before Iowa kicks off the state-by-state battle to pick candidates in the November 2008 general election, the Democratic contenders emphasized their ability to beat the Republicans and win the White House.

"I will eat him alive," Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden said of Republican front-runner Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor, in a speech to about 400 Democratic National Committee members and hundreds of other activists gathered…

Obama couldn’t beat his own meat with three extra hands on a slow day. LOL

Democrats have deluded themselves to the point of being as useless as a one-legged man trying to have sex with a fat woman! -I don’t even know what that means. :-)