Gym Coach Runs Girl to Death?

Family members believe, on November 6th, the Physical Education teacher at Dona Ana Elementary School might have been pushing 7 year old Destinie Martinez during a one mile run when she began throwing up and collapsed.

Instead of rushing young Destinie immediately to the local hospital she was taken to the nurse’s office where the nurse performed CPR in an effort to save her life. However, I was told she had a pulse at that time. An ambulance was summoned and one half hour after she collapsed, she arrived at Mountain View Regional Medical Center where she died.

Martinez was born with a heart defect known to the school and was carrying a note written by her mother indicating her inability to endure certain levels of physical activity due to Destinie feeling ill earlier in the morning. Despite this knowledge, it is believed she was running at the time of her collapse. --OPN -Las Cruces Sun News Has Other Details-

Destinie Martinez was laid to rest this weekend.