Is Oprah One-Sided?

Okay, since nobody is ever willing to ask that type of question about such a beloved person… I guess I’ll be the one to ask. Her movies, the organizations she donates her time and money to, and now her support for a particular presidential candidate indicates to me that her interests are, natuarally, for the so-called African American cause; and that cause alone. Of Course, there is nothing wrong with helping African Americans (or Africa) and she should be applauded for it. However, there is a problem with Oprah using her enormous influence to support Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

The Presidency of the United States is not a joke, nor is it some high popularity award. And just because Barack Obama is black and happens to be an attractive individual, it does not mean that he should be president. –Oprah using her influence to help elect a person simply because he’s a young black man is completely unacceptable to me. Because Obama is half white and if he happened to be light skinned like his mother, Oprah would not be supporting his presidential bid.

Oprah should be more responsible.