Media Reports Reflect Optimism About Iraq

Many major media outlets are reluctantly covering the huge strides of progress we have made in Iraq over the last few months. -The long dissipated sense of hope for our mission is slowly returning and by God, some news networks have pushed their political activism aside long enough to appreciate the effort.

U.S. News & World Report) On Thanksgiving Day, reports on ABC and NBC described an improving security situation in Iraq, reflecting the cautiously optimistic tone of recent reporting on the US mission in that country. NBC Nightly News said Thanksgiving in Baghdad was "almost a celebration," adding, "Today we see traffic jams where Al Qaeda once saw targets."

ABC World News led with a story that noted that "last year, on this day, Baghdad was in lockdown, after one of this city's deadliest suicide bombings." But "the headlines in recent weeks have been different." Yesterday, ABC's Baghdad correspondent, Terry McCarthy, "got an extraordinary look at the country, traveling with the number two US general there. They made nine stops, visiting several communities that have been notorious for violence ... Civilian deaths in Baghdad are down 65% compared to six months ago. Car bombs are down 47%."
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Meanwhile, Democrats are still doing everything they can to stop a U.S. victory.