My Take on 'Dog the Bounty Hunter'

What’s the big deal, bitch?

It’s funny how “Dog” is a convicted murderer but the worst thing he’s done in his life is use the word “nigger” to make a point.

Maybe it’s just me but I didn’t find the recorded conversation one bit offensive. It’s probably because I’m not easily offended. In fact, unless my country is somehow being slandered, I’m not offended by anything. -- Scratch that:

What I find offensive about this whole situation are the hypocrites who are trying to ruin this man’s career because he said a word that they, like most us, have said or thought at some point in our lives. Hell, every black person who has been "offended" by what Dog Chapman said has (I guarantee) used disparaging remarks to describe white, Mexican, and Asian people.

Everyone does it in their own little circle but the second it becomes public, then all of a sudden it’s oh my God, how can someone think that. Gimme a fuckin’ break! And Get off you high horse because your phony ass don’t fool me.