Terrorist Sues Because He's Depressed

Oh, How I Weep for Him

I guess it is possible to Americanize Jihadis… A few years in jail and the guy wants to sue everybody, for everything.

NOVEMBER 6--An al-Qaeda operative serving life in prison for his role in the bombing of American embassies in Africa contends that his rights are being violated by U.S. jailers who have denied him access to Arabic publications and religious books, limited his mail privileges, and no longer allow him to use a Walkman.

Mohamed Al-Owhali, 32, claims that his incarceration at the "supermax" federal prison in Florence, Colorado has left him so severely depressed that he stopped eating for months… In a new U.S. District Court lawsuit, Al-Owhali wants a judge to order prison brass to provide him with expedited mail services, expanded phone privileges, and access to radio and TV news broadcasts and English and Arabic newspapers and magazines. Currently, Al-Owhali claims, he is only provided with month-old copies of USA Today, "with several pages-sections removed."

Before, it was death to the infidel… Now it's, I need Zoloft and some tunes.