To Believe, Or Not to Believe

Religion scares me. But so does atheism. Personally, I think that anyone who devoutly believes in a religious God or knows, without doubt, that God does not exist, is a person with an inherent disposition to be misled. A person willing to mislead him or herself is a frightening thing. Hence, “The Twisted Logic of the Blind Crusader is Always Dangerous”.

We are seeing this movement of extremism expand across all ideological spheres. I wrote a very good essay last year about gay marriage and I saw the issue as a, “
Front in the Battleground of Ideologies”. And a battleground is exactly what we are in; because everything is a religion now.

-Global Warming is a religion. -Atheism is a religion. -Liberalism is a religion. -Conservatism is a religion. -Political Correctness is a religion -Even extremism is becoming a religion. As a scientist, if you disagree with the hysteria of global warming, you’re ostracized by the community. If you happen to be a Democrat and you support the war in Iraq, the party literally tries to destroy your career. If you’re like me (a republican) who happens to disdain organized religion and supports (if voted by the state) gay marriage, you get attacked and lose your readership.

Reasoned thinking and rationale debate is quickly disappearing. Everyone has picked sides and because they are willing to blindly follow that side, we can no longer expect honest discourse. And in many cases the sides people pick have little to do with the issue itself; but rather, it’s an attempt to avoid being on the side in which they have been misled (by their side) into thinking is morally inferior. –get it!