Big Dick Bill Stumps for Hill

There’s nothing like letting the man who cheated on you in front of the entire world (many times), praise your character and ability to be president.

NASHUA, N.H. (AP) - Bill Clinton praised the Democratic field of presidential contenders Saturday, noting that as president he had close ties to almost all of them. But he said there's no doubt his wife would make the best president.

"I don't think it's close," he told a crowd in this state where in 1992 his second place finish cast doom over his own presidential campaign, only to have him rebound and brand himself The Comeback Kid.

. dispatched her husband to shore up support in New Hampshire, where she remains in a tight race with Sen. Barack Obama nine days before the state's voters cast ballots in the country's first presidential primary. Employing her high-wattage husband, Sen. Clinton was able to stay in Iowa and double the ground covered...

The comeback kid, eh? There’s an obvious joke there but I think I’ll pass. -A lot of times I hear political pundits ask why so many people in this country truly despise Senator Clinton. And the answer is simple: Most Americans understand that an individual running for the White House has to carry an egregious amount of ambition. But when you blatantly lie, cheat, steal and worst of all, abandon all moral principle (like staying with your cheating husband in order to use him to become president), that’s when people turn on you.

We can respect a lying politician who cares for his/her country because we know it comes with the territory. But a cutthroat, calculating bitch with no self-respect is someone none of us want to vote for.