Obama Plays the “Get in your Pants” Game

Step 1: Pretend to listen

Step 2: Pretend to care

Step 3: Console

Step 4: Empathize

Step 5: Satisfy her low self-esteem by “closing the deal”

New York Times) In the intensifying battle for the votes of Democratic women, Senator Barack Obama’s campaign is trying to turn years of feminist thinking on its head and argue that the best candidate for women may, in fact, be a man.

The pitch for Mr. Obama, in a new video, speeches and talking points aimed at women, presents him as deeply sensitized to the needs and aspirations of women, raised by a single mother, “a man comfortable with strong women in his life,” as his wife, Michelle Obama, puts it, and a man committed to the issues they care about.

Bravo Barack, Bravo.