Republicans Shocked McCain Is Only Choice

It seems that the mainstream media, Republican strategists, and Republican bloggers like Michelle Malkin and Allahpundit are shocked that the only real choice that we have this election cycle is Senator .

However, this is exactly what I expected to happen back in

…We know that none of the current class of presidential hopefuls is willing to actually secure the southern border... We know Rudy G. is weak, in the eyes of conservatives on social issues. We know, many on the far-right, view John McCain as a traitor-of-sorts in terms of his political ideology. We know that Mitt Romney is too handsome to be President; not to mention that Mormon thing really doesn’t fly well with evangelical Christians. We also know that when it comes down to simple feeling, none of these candidates are leaders.

I happen to want, if the choice is just those three, to see John McCain get the top spot. He really is the only one, out of the three, who actually has, at least, the partial ability to be president. I know many people on the far-right and some of my Republican friends disagree completely. But the truth is: he’s the only one.

Slowly, people have realized what I came to believe many months ago. They are beginning to realize that not one candidate (of the current GOP flock) are in any way, presidential. -None, of course, except war hero, John McCain.

When Fred bounced on the scene there was a light in the darkness that drew some conservatives in; a fresh face. However, as I also pointed out months ago (
Go Away Fred), the guy is a complete oaf (with his stupid maxims) who hasn't a clue how to run a country. -People have started to see that, and have gotten over the short term excitement.

Now people are standing back from the buzz or flare of certain candidates like Romney, Thompson, and even Giuliani. People are saying to themselves, wait a minute, we have to actually vote one of these idiots into the White House.

McCain isn't my ideal choice for the nomination... but out of the current candidates he is the only one who can actually be a president.

--All of this goes back to the
most important thing for Republican voters to remember this election.