Shock: New York Times Gets it Wrong

The Paper of Record Treason doesn't let a little thing like "the facts" get in the way of a good story. -The game is to post a bogus article long enough to create a false impression and then issue a correction, in passing, months later on the back page of the Better Living section.

WASHINGTON — The White House called for a correction Wednesday after a New York Times story said top White House lawyers were more involved than previously acknowledged in discussions over whether to destroy classified CIA tapes showing harsh interrogation methods of two Al Qaeda terrorists.

But it was one of the headlines over the story that drew the ire of the White House communications staff. It read: "White House Role Was Wider Than It Said."

White House press secretary Dana Perino issued a statement calling for the correction to the story subheadline, seen in Times print editions. Later she told reporters why.

"Well, it says, 'The White House role was wider than it said,' implying that I had either changed my story, or I or somebody else at the White House had misled the public. And that is not true," Perino said during Wednesday's press briefing.

They train for treason, practice misinformation campaigns, and aid and comfort the enemies of the United States. The New York Times is the terrorists' best friend