Shove That Bleeding Heart Up Your Ass

In response to opinions against coercive interrogation and its application:

Waterboarding hasn't been used on every suspected terrorist, only those thought of as "high valued". The CIA, despite the hyping by the media, have only used the technique on a total of 3 Al Qaeda suspects. (
ABC News)

Thousands of American lives have been saved by the use of these types of techniques. (
ABC News)

Despite the bleeding hearts of people on the left who have been stricken with angst over their beloved freedom fighters in regard to Guantanamo Bay, most abuse has been directed at US personnel... not prisoners! (
Associated Press)

Not to mention, The US military incorporates waterboarding in their SERE training. They do this for various reasons, but mostly to help if they happen to get caught by the enemy (although, Americans captured by terrorists are usually beheaded and their bodies mutilated). (
Congress Appoves 'Torture'... of US Troops)

So there you have it. -A proven success. -Limited use. -Part of training,.. and our soldiers get beheaded!!!!!!!!