Clinton Trying to Out-Black Obama

I love how when Democrats are battling for political dominance, it always comes down to who loves the poor and who loves black people the most.

Anyway, the war between Barack and Bill continues. And the worst insult you can throw at former president Clinton is not to point out his incredible failings as a human being or the fact that he did nothing while Al Qaeda grew in strength during the 90’s; but rather to take a stab at his enormous ego.

ABC News) The war of words between former President and Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. escalated today as Clinton accused his wife's Democratic rival of saying the Reagan administration was better than the Clinton administration...

Clinton didn't back down today as he took another swipe at Obama for courting Republican voters in Nevada and for praising former President Reagan. Clinton then accused Obama of calling conservative darling Reagan a better president than Clinton...

"[Obama] said President Reagan was the engine of innovation and did more, had a more lasting impact on America than I did," Clinton said. "

You know that has to hurt Billy Boy. In his mind, he’s the greatest president since Washington.

***And with this being Martin Luther King Day, I wonder what Dr. King would think about Bill Clinton being widely regarded as the first black president. What type of statement is it to claim that because a white man cheats on his wife and lies habitually, he must be the average African-American? More importantly however, I wonder what he would think of the fact that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama support the horrific and barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion?