Conservatives Acting Like Left-Wing Lunatics

I’m not a conservative… never have been. I am a South Park Republican, and always will be. However, I share much more in common with conservative thinking than I do with liberal nonsense. Which goes back to the point: Hating liberals doesn’t make me a right-winger; it only means that I’m smart.

Being in the position that I’m in, allows me to view both extremes objectively on the merits of any particular argument. Now this has always caused trouble for me in terms of readership. I have lost many so-called friends due to my opinions against organized religion and my occasional opinions against the conservative movement. What this has proved to me, is that people, either liberal or conservative, will try to punish you, or in my case, stop visiting the blog if you happen to disagree with an opinion they might hold.

Which brings me to the point of the above title:
is a true American hero; a great American. Yet, because his stance on certain issues differ from those of many conservatives, the man is ostracized and childishly attacked. -Almost no different than what the far-left did to senator Lieberman for his opinions in favor of the war in Iraq. It sickens me to be associated with a group of people sharing such a hateful group-think against a prominent republican like senator McCain.

And just like leftist internet blogs, when I visit major conservative websites like Michelle Malkin, Hot Air or any others really, the comment section is inundated with vile slanders against the character of John McCain. Worse yet, the blogsite owners, as with the case of Daily Kos or Crooks and Liars, are instigating the hatred. All of this simply because the man doesn’t toe every single conservative line. And in that regard, these types of conservatives are no different than far-left liberals

If you disagree with John McCain on certain issues… fine! Disagree. There’s no problem there. But if conservatives want to act like Left-Wing lunatics… then I’m going to point it out. -But the MDS (McCain Derangement Syndrome) has to stop. The man is a patriot who deserves respect; not a bunch of fuckin’ insults from whiny conservatives!!!