Drunken Master Endorses Obama

Only in the Democratic Party does the endorsement of a drunk who killed a woman and then ran away, create a huge boost of support. -I mean what the fuck?!?

The only thing funnier than this would be if Robert Byrd endorsed .


From left to right: Ted Kennedy (killed a woman). Barack Obama (supports late-term abortion.). Caroline Kennedy (non-politico). Patrick Kennedy (the drug addiction is my disease, chip off the old block)

WASHINGTON — Senator Edward M. Kennedy implored Americans on Monday to “reject the counsels of doubt and calculation,” as he extended his endorsement and placed the aura of his family’s name around the presidential candidacy of Senator Barack Obama.

“It is time again for a new generation of leadership,” Mr. Kennedy said, speaking over a crowd of cheering supporters here at American University. “It is time now for Barack Obama.”