Global Cooling Dooms Edwards Campaign

is the phoniest of the phony. -The ultra fake. -The ambulance chasing, mansion dwelling poverty-exploitation extraordinaire. -Sitting atop his high horse of hypocrisy, preaching socialism to the second America. -The America from which he so desperately tried to escape. -Our America.

But back to the story: To cap off his four-year campaign to win Iowa's Democratic caucus Thursday night, John Edwards planned a 36-hour marathon bus tour through 15 of the crucial state's 99 counties with a whole series of policy announcements to garner publicity and caucus votes.

But 12 hours into the political odyssey -- billed as Edwards' "Marathon for the Middle Class" -- his Main Street Express bus began making very disturbing noises in western Iowa. In darkness, the bus with the entire Edwards entourage pulled over at a service station and was abandoned.

As the article goes on to point out, the symbolism of his bus breaking down in the middle of his "Marathon for the Middle Class" is simply perfect. And with the below-freezing temperatures, I thank
global cooling for this great gift.