Limbaugh Trying to Ruin the GOP

There is nothing more politically abhorrent than a man, who carries such sway among conservatives, using his position to destroy the Republican Party. -Rush vows to slander McCain until, "every American agrees with me".

Conservatives like Rush and Michelle Malkin are trying to lay claim to the whole of the Republican Party and for the life of me, I’m not sure the point at which they felt entitled to claim such control. But what we are seeing now is their desperation (For Example: more than one commenter on this site, in order to help justify their hatred, has dismissed the torture of John McCain as no big deal). They convinced themselves that they, in fact, are the Republican Party. Obviously, they were sadly mistaken.

And now that their voices are not the dominant among the American electorate, they feel it’s necessary to pout like adolescent children whose mommy just spanked their little wrist and told them to calm down. But I got news for you: –You’re not special. You don’t have the moral high-ground. And just because you are not going to get your way, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be team players.