One Year Anniversary of the Iraq Surge

You know that when American success is around, the media is silent

To further prove (as if it needs to be) the mainstream media is completely biased against the Bush administration, the Republican Party, and the US military, today is the one year anniversary of the Iraqi troop surge and I hadn't seen any coverage of the issue until a few minutes ago when I checked out John McCain’s website.

But we all know that if the surge was a complete failure, the media would have inundated the entire January 10th news cycle with negative coverage. They would have rolled out the Champaign and celebrated our enemies’ resilience. Unfortunately, for the media and the far-left (pardon the redundancy), the surge has been a great success.

In fact the only coverage I found from a major media outlet
on the subject, was a desperate attempt to paint the surge as a failure using the long-known Democratic talking points of, yeah it worked militarily but look at all this stuff that hasn’t happened (as if nation building in the midst of a bloodthirsty insurgency happens instantaneously). And they hate the Bush administration so much that they won’t even bring themselves to praise the troops on the ground; not even for one day.

The reason is simple: If we win in Iraq the Dems view it as a Bush victory not an American victory. That means that they view a loss in Iraq as a Bush loss not an American loss.

Here’s part of a
joint statement by and that is a reminder why it’s so important to vote the Republican senator into the White House:

After years of mismanagement of the war, many people had grave doubts about whether success in Iraq was possible. In Congress, opposition to the surge from antiwar members was swift and severe. They insisted that Iraq was already "lost," and that there was nothing left to do but accept our defeat and retreat.

In fact, they could not have been more wrong. And had we heeded their calls for retreat, Iraq today would be a country in chaos: a failed state in the heart of the Middle East, overrun by al Qaeda and Iran.

Instead, conditions in that country have been utterly transformed from those of a year ago, as a consequence of the surge. Whereas, a year ago, al Qaeda in Iraq was entrenched in Anbar province and Baghdad, now the forces of Islamist extremism are facing their single greatest and most humiliating defeat since the loss of Afghanistan in 2001...