Change vs. Experience

Or so I’m told.

Democratic politics are always so fake. –Education, healthcare, we love poor black people… blah, blah blah. But it’s not like they’ve ever actually done anything about it. They had 40 years! How does using the same old talking points constitute “Change”?

Anyway, who exactly is the candidate of change and who exactly is the candidate of experience? Certainly, Barack Obama is the typical liberal who votes party-line nearly 100% of the time. He and Hillary both support late-term abortion. Certainly, the Dems don’t expect me to believe that Hillary Clinton is the candidate with experience (LOL)?

And if by change the Obama campaign simply means pulling out of Iraq, then that doesn’t differ from what the Democrats have been pushing for, for over two years now. Wanting to surrender to our enemies and providing them with aid and comfort is not something new at all; in fact, it’s the mainstay of modern liberalism.

Barack Obama spent his whole time in the senate running for president. Hillary spent her whole time in the senate triangulating her way to run for president. Neither of them really cared about their constituency. But despite this, many Democrats are willing to vote, and in Obama’s case, fall in love with, people who have no convictions, no experience, and no genuine love for their country. -Ahh, to be a democrat.