DNC + GOP = I Wanna Kill Myself

Rush is keeping his promise to slander John McCain until “every American agrees with him”... claiming that Johnny Mac has stabbed the GOP in the back. And now Ann Coulter is screeching her mannish lungs out, vowing that she would, “vote for the devil over McCain". To top that off, Skeletor claimed that she would campaign for Hillary Clinton if the Republican nominee ended up being John McCain. -Obsessed much?

Not to mention, the minions of Rush-following retarded conservatives, are squawking aimless attacks against the only candidate in the field who truly loves his country.

I’ve noticed that here, at this site, and throughout the republican blogosphere, a bunch of shameless and hypocritical conservatives have been trying their best to dismiss the heroism of senator McCain. Comments like, So he got beat up a bit in Vietnam, big deal. That doesn’t make him a hero.

And then on the Democratic side we have a bunch of mindless idiots like Oprah endorsing senator Obama. Which amazes me because 99.9% of the people who support Barack Obama and who will vote for him, have no idea who the man is or what his positions are. The only reason Oprah is supporting him is because he’s black. But no one is willing to call her out for that. The fact is, Obama is half white and if he happened to have his mother’s light skin, Oprah would have never endorsed him.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. Hillary Clinton is trying to cry herself into the White House again.
Did you see this? -With her crocodile tears trying to snatch up some women voters. What a great image for our enemies in the world, don’t you think? –A crying woman. But now that the media has abandoned Hillary and now that the far-left went on a rampage against Bill Clinton, it's been a bit hard for her. And not in my whole life, would I have expected the liberal base of the Democratic Party to chastise Bill. I mean the guy is a lying womanizer who cheats on his wife… he’s a hero to them; practically a God.

All in all, what have I learned? - I’ve learned that if I were allergic to bullshit, I would be dead.