The Obama Delusion

It looks like people all across the country have OD’ed on Obama delusion. I’m not quite sure at what point this delusion spawned itself… but I am sure that whatever the catalyst was, it was amid the desperation of the democratic electorate.

I understand that most Americans are tired of having to choose from either the Bush family or the Clinton family. However, just because people are tired of Washington powerhouses, it doesn’t mean that the alternative (
) is automatically the better candidate… or different!

I mean, I’ve heard political pundits from both the left and the right claim that Barack is a great and powerful speaker. And that after 8 years of President Bush, this country needs an oratory master.

Granted, George W. is not the best public speaker but just because someone can express his or herself clearly while on stage, it doesn't mean that what they are expressing is substantive or even rational. Hell, John Kerry could talk for hours without saying one damn thing. – If you take away the strategic phrases of “hope” and “change”, Obama no longer has a platform.

I’ve listened to him speak several times now and I just don’t see this great skill everyone is talking about. But I guess what I clearly see as total pie-in-the-sky BS, most people see as great wisdom. Maybe that’s my fault –I'll try to sum up an Obama speech in
another Opinionnation free-write:

[In my best reverend voice] Hope is the wish and to wish is to hope for America! Change is here. The eyes of the nation have been without vision for too long. Our youth has been left out in the cold for too long. But with universal healthcare and better education we shall come together. For our children and their future we must learn to love each other… We must learn to love each other like two unabashful San Franciscan homosexuals on national atheist appreciation day!

Here I thought this was the land of the American dream? But is it the land of Martin Luther King’s dream or is it the land of cooperate America’s nightmare? -No need to worry, however. I am the soothing embrace to comfort your fears. The future is one of great progress for mankind and with your voice we shall silence bigotry, hate, and the intolerance that has plagued us! Change is now.

And don’t forget… I’m black!
Okay, now vote for me. I practically have as much experience as Barack Obama so that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

***Seriously though, I have no clue what is so special about the man. If it’s an inexperienced leftist you want, then sure… he’s great for that. But if you want someone who can realistically deal with the extraordinary scenarios facing this country, then maybe you should start looking for someone whose greatest accomplishment isn’t the ability to skillfully string the words hope and change together in a well worded paragraph.