Voice of Bart Gives 10 mil to Scientology

I was going to wait to post this as a new installment of South Park Sunday but I forgot there’s a little game which will require me to be pretty drunk all day. So Saturday will have to do:

Page Six) Longtime Scientologist Nancy Cartwright — best known as the voice of Bart Simpson — last year gave the church $10 million to help spread the word of founder L. Ron Hubbard into other galaxies.

It was all part of Scientology’s Global Salvage effort, which aims to “de-aberrate” Earth — meaning to rid mankind of psychology ills and other “aberrant” behavior.

Surprisingly, Nancy, 50, forked over twice as much as the Scientology’s most prominent member, Tom Cruise, who only gave $5 million in an installment plan.

If you have no clue what Scientology is, the only television show willing to call out the global scam is, of course, South Park. This episode was nominated for an Emmy, Scientology threatened lawsuits over it and Tom Cruise had Viacom trash the rerunning after the episode first aired: Trapped in the Closet.