1 in 4 Female Teens Infected with STD’s

Wouldn’t it be great, if during this election cycle, one of the three current presidential hopefuls were asked just how they plan to deal with what could be a serious epidemic?

(New York Times) The first national study of common sexually transmitted diseases among teenage women has found that one in four are infected with at least one of the diseases, federal health officials reported on Tuesday.

Nearly half of African-American teenage women were infected with at least one of the diseases monitored in the study — human papillomavirus (H.P.V.), chlamydia, herpes simplex type 2 and trichomoniasis, a common parasite.

That figure compared with 20 percent of white teenage women.

The two most common sexually transmitted diseases (S.T.D.’s) among all the women tested were H.P.V. at 18 percent and chlamydia at 4 percent according to the analysis, which was part of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Progressives argue that educating the American youth at ridiculously early ages is a big factor in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. –They, of course, are wrong. Conservatives argue that strict abstinence programs are the most important key to preventing the spread of disease. -They too, are wrong.

The problem is the dissolution of the family and the push towards a more secular progressive society. A society based not on personal responsibility, but a clear amoral instant gratification. -The classic NAMBLA argument.

So, the solution? [condensed version] Create an acceptable standard using media-driven propaganda. Create foundations to organize efforts that use television, magazines, and the movies to create a social climate in which the ideal age for sexual intercourse is 17. You exert influence, using the harshest of lobbying tactics, on youth oriented programs in order to shape the narrative.

But you have to understand that the Brittany Spears generation is far beyond remedy. I’m taking about media geared towards very young adolescents. Teach them self respect while providing an acceptable compromise and what you have is a better solution than any half-wit politician will come up with.

I would even mandate that all sex-ed courses in elementary and middle schools teach that 17 years of age is the ideal starting point of any sexual activity.