Best Weapon Combo Call of Duty 4

Update, 8/10/08:

Try out an AK-47 silenced with double tap. I've been using my golden AK with that for the last few days; it's fuckin' killer.

Of course it all depends on which map and what match-type you’re playing. But this combo works for every single possible combination. From cluster-fuck combat at Vacant in Team Deathmatch… To the god awful boring Free-for-All @ Overgrown.

Username: Ayofat

Class Name: Ayo
Primary Weapon: M4 Carbine w/red dot scope
I like to run and gun and duck and dive. The AK-47, for an alternative example, takes too long to draw up, aim and fire. Target acquisition with the M4 is much quicker.

Side Arm: M1911 .45 (silenced or without attachment)
Most people love the Desert Eagle for their secondary weapon but I prefer the .45. The D.E. kicks too much during a frantic shootout. The 45 shoots in nice tight groups without the big upswing so it’s easier to transition from one target to the next.

Special Grenade: Flash
Always go with the Flash grenade over the stun. Often times when you use the stun grenade, the enemy is able to guess (or sometimes make out) where you’re coming from, and ends up killing you with some well placed oh shit bullets. The Flash grenade cuts down on the chances of you looking like an idiot.

Perk Package 1: x3 Special Grenades
Perk Package 2: Stopping Power
Perk Package 3: Deep Impact

This is what I murder with on Hardcore Team Deathmatch/Search and Destroy

Primary Weapon: G3 w/red dot scope
Secondary Weapon: .45
Special Grenade: Stun
Perk Package 1: Special Grenades
Perk Package 2: UAV Jammer
Perk Package 3: Deep Impact

Update: started a new username. GeorgeW_Bush.