The Downfall of the Democratic Party

I, like many of you, are waiting anxiously for the Democratic Party to implode. The ideal presidential election scenario is as follows: Barack Obama wins the popular vote along with the elected delegate count but Clinton strong arms the super-delegates and both Hillary and Bill do what they do best… connive their way to power. Talk about irony. -A woman and a black man set to collapse the "progressive" party

The greatest threat to the American way of life and our national security is not Al Qaeda, nor is it Middle East instability. Far more dangerous than Al Qaeda is the liberal establishment of the Democratic Party.

There is a difference between taking casualties in a terrorist attack and undermining the foundation of the United States of America. -Killing us, on our homeland, will do nothing but strengthen the American spirit (and bring death upon our enemies). However, groups like the left-wing of the Democratic Party, when you shed away the layered rhetoric, are really trying to destroy that spirit and the tradition of the United States. -It’s disgusting. And thinking back, I’m sure this was the reason that I started blogging in the first place. Modern day Liberalism has been working harder, and longer, to destroy this country than Al Qaeda or any other Jihadist group. Not with bombs or terrorist acts, but with unconscionable lies, feverous distortions and the complete indoctrination of the American youth.

From undermining national security, to slandering US Troops, to aiding and abetting members of Al Qaeda both imprisoned and active… the Democratic Party has been at the destructive forefront.

***And now, thankfully, there is a chance that one power-hungry woman and one black leftist can divide the left-wing of the party. It is already happening in the liberal blogosphere; the nutroots are beginning to take sides. -They divide themselves and McCain conquers. Even more importantly, the average Democratic voter will no longer be able to be live in denial. They will soon see what we, as Republicans, have seen for a long time. This election has the real pontential to ruin their party.