The Eviler of Two Evils

Okay, where do I begin? I suppose we can start with the possible end of the unscrupulous era known as the Bill and Hillary show. It seems that very soon, will be out of contention for the Democratic nomination. One must give them credit, however. Amid the game of lies and thievery, they played a near perfect season; a Patriot season one could analogize. -A great team of support players led by unabashed cheaters whom, at the end of the day, choked because of the overly calculating, micro-management of a power hungry coach.

They had it all. But like an episode of “E! True Hollywood Story”, everything came crashing down.

Think about their collapse for a minute: Hillary knew she couldn’t run for president without adequate experience. So, using the Clinton Machine and biding her time, she became a United States senator. All the while, she triangulated her way to a White House bid. And it was within this triangulation that the decision was made not to challenge, in the 2004 election, the incumbent, George W. Bush. The message modifications were still underway and time was still needed to build the necessary national security credentials for the American people. Then, after this painstaking process of political maneuvering, the 2008 presidential campaign started and everything began to collapse. Bill Clinton, the deity himself, was ostracized by the whole of the far-left wing of the party. Hillary was sinking with top heavy blandness. And a man with literally no experience to be President of the United States was hoisted into the realms of superstardom by facets of the very same machine that they so dependently utilized. The machine had turned on her. It had found the trump card to a woman Democrat. –The articulate, black Democrat

And like that… the coup was over

This brings us to the eviler of two evils. Yes, on one hand, I’m very happy that the Clinton era looks to be over. This country deserves a lot more than mindless socialism and outrages corruption. But on the other hand, for all the moderate voters out there,
is not an independent-minded person. He is, for all intents and purposes, a radical leftist. And the damage someone like that can do in a four year span is very, very scary. We’re talking Jimmy Carteresque. We’re talking a level of foreign policy naiveté that we have never seen from a possible Commander-in-Chief. At least, with Clinton we know that when it comes down to it, she can be somewhat trusted with our national security. Now, if something goes wrong with her policy she might pretend that she was never really for it in the first place… but at least before the news coverage goes bad, we know that she’ll do the right thing. In contrast, Barack Obama will obliterate the successful counter-terrorist measures put in place by the Bush administration (with the backing of responsible democrats) and he will force the surrender of the United States in Iraq; creating genocide prior to an Iranian power grab. And when we wake up to a dirty bomb explosion in the middle of Manhattan or Washington D.C., it will be a tad late for, But, he was so handsome and such a great speaker.

So sure, I am glad that the Clinton era seems to be over. But the ever growing possibility of a Barack Hussein Obama White House is something worth fearing.