Obama: I Don’t Hate Whitey and the Jews!

Man! You thought that the media and the far-left (again, pardon the redundancy) loved before…

Imagine how much they love him now that we've discovered his spiritual and political leader is an anti-American, Jew-hating Al Qaeda apologist. The love must be through the roof!

But lately Barack has been on the defensive; even appearing on Fox News to make his case. However, he didn’t do a very good job. -For being so smart, it’s curious how he, having spent over 15 years in this particular church, could have missed the glaring anti-Semitism and racism. Watch him play dumb: Barack Obama on Hannity & Colmes

I guess Barack wants us to believe that hating Jews, white people and America is like getting the flu with Reverend ? –It pops up every few years but after a couple days of rest, you come back to your senses.

-This Obama guy just can’t seem to get a break. Even my spell check thinks his name is Osama

Update: I wonder what would happen if Obama were a white republican who attended a church in which his beloved pastor said things like, "niggers are the root of America's problems" and those Mexicans who die trying to cross the border "had it coming"? -Hmm, I wonder?