Dems Use Dead Troops for Political Gain

Remember when the DNC tried to raise money off of the deaths of Hurricane Katrina victims? Remember when prominent Democrats likened the U.S. military to the forces of Stalin, Nazi Germany and compared Guantanamo bay to the Soviet Gulags?

How about when Murtha falsely claimed that US Marines were, cold blooded killers? Or When John Kerry claimed that US troops were breaking into Iraqi homes in order to terrorize women and children? Or maybe you remember before the 2004 election when Democrats were championing the exposure of covert intelligence? -Because, I sure as hell do.

And now,
here we go again:

DNC Attack Ad Using IED Attacks

Not only does the DNC distort what John McCain said, but they used footage from the proven liar and propagandist, Michael Moore. –Dems, once again, reveling in the deaths of American troops in the off chance that it helps them get elected. Nothing is more disgusting.