FAG: Penn Riding a Bus to Save the Planet

Like his fellow FAG, Leonardo DiCaprio (who is saving the world one dog spa at a time in his lavish, eco-friendly NYC condo), Sean Penn is on a bio-diesel journey to motivate young people to be just like him. –Jesus, to Mother Earth.

INDIO, California — Sean Penn is fighting the war in Iraq, poverty, homelessness and saving the environment, all from a bus.

The actor, who baffled many when his name showed up on the lineup for the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival underway this weekend in southern California, plans to board a fleet of biodiesel buses and take about 300 people on an 1,800-mile trek across the U.S., ending in New Orleans.

"I see this as a reckoning," said Penn, who's set to appear twice on Sunday at Coachella. "My generation and those that came before have to recognize the numbing of incentive that we've passed on to the change hungry, imaginative, smarter than us youth of today."

Penn said he's simply providing the wheels and the young people are leading the ride. "The Dirty Hands Caravan seeks to empower young people to stand up for what they believe in, with its longevity based on inspired individuality and pride," he said.

Ironically (as with most self-righteous idiots) the push for the increase in bio-fuel has driven up food prices and is now starving-out the poorest of people.