McCain Has Only One Choice for VP

Condoleezza Rice

First, let me say that it really doesn’t matter in terms of the general election who Senator McCain picks to be his Vice-President. This country will NOT vote for an inexperienced phony (no offense to supporters) like Barack Obama over an American hero like John McCain. –Not on any day of the week!

It has nothing to do with Obama’s race; rather it has to do with the simple fact that Senator Obama associated (continues to associate) with anti-Semitic, racist America-haters. In fact, he is inspired by racist, America-haters. Now, this association may have bought him points in the Democratic nomination but this has already crushed him with unbiased swing voters. Even older white Democrats, moderate Democrats, and Independents will vote for McCain.

Moving to Ms. Rice and my support of her:

In the middle of President Bush’s second term I hoped that for the betterment of the Republican Party, the administration would have retired Dick Cheney and made the historic move of appointing Condi Rice to the position of Vice President. It would have set up Republican control of the White House for another 8 years. Alas, my hopes for Ms. Rice came and went.

However, hope springs… occasionally. Not only do we have a most assured victory for the 2008 presidential election but we now have an opportunity to secure 12 years of White House control.

Condi Rice is inarguably, brilliant. Her personal story is really unmatched by any high ranking government official. In fact, it is a true American story. She is the only, true black leader in the entirety of the United States. And she is not the typical race-baiting Jesse Jackson and she is not the ungrateful and condescending Obama family.

I understand the average American voter because I am the average American voter. -A one time Democrat turned hawkish Republican looking for realistic solutions to complicated problems. And Ms Rice can provide the certain type of leadership that we need in the coming years. Because you don’t have to necessarily agree with every single policy of a particular candidate; but real leaders garner respect despite political differences. No one in Washington, perhaps the entire nation, garners more respect (not even Bush himself) than Condoleezza Rice.

She is a renowned scholar who can truly bridge the divide between success and poverty because she has already built that bridge. And it is my dream to one day have a black, woman president residing in our beloved White House. -A woman who our enemies fear and our allies respect. -A woman with character. -A woman who survived the segregated South to rise higher than any other African-American politician in the history of the United States. -- That woman is Condoleezza Rice.

Perfect Timing, Breaking Update: Condi is actively pursuing the VP spot