Murtha: McCain is a Cold Blooded Killer

According to John Murtha, on Senator McCain’s recent Baghdad trip, he went into a murderous rage because the base camp only offered Aquafina bottled water; not Evian. And the thought of having Aquafina instead of Evian was not something the former POW could handle. Bush’s choice to opt for the less expensive Aquafina really took a toll on the Senator.

McCain hitched a ride on the closest convoy headed to Haditha, looking for revenge. Alas, upon arrival McCain could not find a single person responsible for this calamity. So he did what all US personnel do when President Bush sends them to Iraq… he went on a random murder spree. -Murtha is already comparing this incident to the notorious My Lai Massacre. He’s calling it: May Lai McCain.

Oh, and Murtha also thinks McCain is too old to be president