Phoenix Suns Go Down in Flames

I’m about to have a sports hernia. –Not from playing… but from watching the Suns go down in flames. [Suns lose 115 to 99]

I knew when they traded “The Matrix” for the “Big Cactus” the season was done. -Shaq is about two steps slower than a damn cactus.

The Suns effectively ruined the greatest run-and-gun offense in the history of the NBA with that beetle-headed trade. All in the hope that Shaquille O'Neal could Kazaam his way back to his championship form.

I hope you now realize, Steve Kerr, what over-thinking will do to you. The Suns didn’t need a big man in the paint to beat the Spurs. If they weren’t playing San Antonio plus the
corrupt refs last season, the Suns would have won the NBA title (but let’s not go through that BS again).

On Second thought, yes, let’s watch it again –If you haven't seen it,
see it-

The point is: you don’t trade an all-star like Shawn Marion for a washed up center who can’t even jump higher than the height of his own sneakers.

The Suns have been the greatest sports team to watch for the last few years. –Now, they’re just a mediocre half-court team.

I want the old Suns back! And if Phoenix gets swept by San Antonio, I hope that it's not Mike D'Antoni who gets fired... I hope whoever is most responsible for trading Marion, gets the ax.