Young Girl Attacked for Anti-Illegal Immigration Sign

More than HALF the prison population in California is made up of illegal aliens. 17% of all inmates in the United States are illegal aliens from Mexico. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens since the start of the Iraq war. –Nothing here to protest, right?

ATHENS, Texas (AP) - An East Texas girl who made an anti-illegal immigration sign as part of a U.S. history class assignment said she was beaten by other students.
Her sign said: "If you love our nation, stop illegal immigration."

The father of Melanie Bowers, 13, of Athens said he's keeping her out of classes until probably next week until the situation is resolved.

"She's upset, first and foremost, because she didn't feel like she had any reason to be attacked," J.R. Bowers told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "She loves going to school. We're having to keep her out because we're scared for her."

As a class project, students made "protest signs" about past and current issues.
Melanie Bowers took her sign to school March 31. J.R. Bowers said his eighth-grade daughter was attacked Friday in a hallway. She suffered scrapes and bruises and later sought medical attention.

Shera Bowers said her daughter's sign was torn up at school.

And in the typical display of politically correct cowardice, the school’s superintendent justified the attack:

Superintendent Fred Hayes said the investigation continues.

"I think that probably what we ought to look at is, if it's a current issue, we probably don't need a protest poster made on that issue," Hayes said.

No, I think what you probably ought to look at, is the illegal alien infestation of your public schools. I think what you ought to look at is the fact that a girl was beaten because she loves her country.

Update: the little bitch is a crazy self-mutilator who made up the whole damn story about being attacked.