Barack Obama Never Fooled Me

I was thinking about the Obama controversy and I realized that I was never shocked or surprised about any of it. So, I went back through my archives to see what I wrote about the senator prior to his nomination victory and the now lingering controversy that has engulfed his campaign.

And the first article that I ever wrote about Barack Obama (nearly two years ago back in June 2006) was about his argument that it's the media’s “job” to expose vital, covert intelligence programs. -I remember this article vividly because I was the only blogger or newsperson (other than David limbaugh, who mentioned the story a day after I did) to report on his outrageous comments. I wrote then, that this statement was one of the scariest things that I have ever heard a politician say (and that’s saying a lot).

…Senator Obama responded to a question having to do with the President’s response to the New York Times article; an article in which they exposed the SWIFT financial tracking program. This was his advice to President Bush:

"I would advise the president to be cautious about beating up on the press for doing their job. ... My attitude is, let the press do its job and that, you know, in fact a lot of the problems that have arisen in terms of leaks and so forth have to do with just the extraordinary unwillingness of the president and this administration to commit itself to any kind of oversight, from anybody. I mean, it's not just that they don't want the New York Times leaking stories about their activities. They also don't want to share it with Congress"...

I went on:

Oh, so now it’s the job of the mainstream media to make foreign policy decisions and provide viable intelligence to our enemies. I never knew that was the case but now I’m glad that I know how he views the seriousness of National Security. Honestly, that is probably one of the scariest statements I’ve heard from a Democrat in a long time…

And they wonder why people view them as being weak on terror. Not only did Obama claim that newspapers have authority when it comes to American foreign policy but he tried to blame George Bush for causing the leaks in the first place. He’s basically saying that because the Commander-in-Chief wishes to keep a legal and effective secret-program a secret, he is forcing those people who wish not to keep the secret-program a secret, to expose it. That’s liberal logic for ya…

He made the statement during an exclusive interview with Alan Colmes (this was before his courageous stand not to appear on Fox News). He then went on to dodge a John Murtha question by pretending that he had never heard the “Cold-blooded killer" remarks. –Sound familiar?

From there I followed up with a December post about the senator called, And Then, There’s Barack Obama. –Where I dug right in with, He is no different than any other liberal; other than he’s young and black (half-black raised by his white mother):

...First, I love how the media is in awe of their own hyping of Barack Obama. They’re like, “Oh my God where did this guy come from”. Well, he’s a media-hyped guy so obviously he came from you... you idiots. And then I love how they, the media, pretend as if Obama is some kind of alternative candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination. As if he’s somehow a different mold from the typical liberal in that political party.

He’s no different than any other liberal; other than he’s young and black (half black raised by his white mother). Which might explain a lot about the media’s fixation. When you're pushing a multi-cultural agenda who better to exploit than a black man who’s young and who can be defined as presidential material? -- But how about we go through some of the senator's positions... some positions the MSM has either refused or conveniently forgot to report on.

Mr. Obama is somewhat fanatical about allowing abortions and does, in fact, support the grotesque and inhumane practice of partial birth abortion. He also abstained from the Parental Notification Act. And when it came to the Supreme Court he voted against both of the well-qualified nominees, Samuel Alito and John Roberts. He also voted against John Bolton, the Ambassador to the UN. He basically falls in line with the Democratic Party but in some cases, as seen with his support for partial birth abortion, he is more extreme than the average moderate.

Like I said two years ago… He is the typical leftist. He can give all the Hope and Change speeches that he wants because in the end, it don't mean shit

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