Erectile Meds Causing Amnesia

-All that time felling ashamed. And then paying all that money to get a hard-on. Only to forget the entire thing. Some guys just can’t get a break!

(Medicine Net)The erectile dysfunction drug Levitra is getting a label change noting rare reports of transient global amnesia in men taking the drug.

Transient global amnesia, or TGA, is a brief bout of amnesia, not lasting longer than a day, without causing other problems.

Levitra's label change isn't a warning or a precaution, and it doesn't mean that the drug causes memory problems. The reported cases of transient global amnesia in men taking Levitra may have been spurred by something else, even by sex.

"Sex can trigger TGA," says Harvard neurology professor Louis R. Caplan, MD. He likens TGA to a tape recorder that's not working.

"People otherwise can walk and talk and read and do high-level things, but they're not recording the information, as if their tape recorder is off," Caplan explains.

If you can't remember it, it never happened