Martha Stewart Banned From UK

Obstruct a little justice and bam!... banned from the UK.

(Daily Telegraph) Martha Stewart has been refused a visa to Britain because of her criminal convictions for obstructing justice, the Daily Telegraph has learned.

The lifestyle guru, convicted four years ago in the US for obstructing justice, was planning to speak at the Royal Academy and to hold meetings with several figures in the fashion and leisure industry, including Jasper Conran, and was due to travel within the next few days.

The refusal by the UK Border Agency was sent to Ms Stewart, aged 66. A spokesperson for the business magnate said: "Martha loves England and hopes this can be resolved and that she will be able to visit soon."

She added that Ms Stewart has many friends in Britain, which she has visited numerous times.

I really like Martha Stewart. If you've seen any of her appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, you know that she is a really good sport.