Why I Love "The Moment of Truth"

Okay, I’m not a real big fan of reality TV. However, there is one program on the Fox network that has me hooked like no other. –young girls have their queers with highlights in "American Idol" and I have my ruined marriages and closeted sluts in, .

If you haven’t seen the show, let me explain how it works:

Contestants are asked 51 questions by a polygraph technician beforehand. And from those questions, 21 are chosen to be asked on air (the contestants do not know the results of the test). Now, if you can answer every single question truthfully, you win $500,000. But if you lie once you lose everything. However, you can choose to stop at any time and keep what you have already earned.

Easy right?

The show utilizes a pyramid format where the levels of questions become more personal while the amount you can win increases dramatically. If you answer the first 6 correctly you win $10,000. The next 5 questions, you win 25,000. The next 4, you win $100,000… and so on until you hit one last question worth 500 grand.

All you have to do is tell the truth and you win half-a-million dollars.

Anyway, the reason I can’t get enough of the show is because the questions that they ask are so personal, and it gets so intense, that actual life-long relationships have crumbled in a matter of minutes. I mean they go into sexuality, religion and inappropriate behavior at work. Questions like: at your wedding were you still in love with somebody else?; do you regret marrying your husband?; would you cheat on your spouse if you were guaranteed never to get caught?

Keep in mind that they are answering these questions with their entire family not more than 20 feet away, on stage. It is brutal.

I know it's not nice of me to get pleasure out of another person’s pain but some of these people deserve it. For example, you’ll see a woman come in and you can tell automatically that she is a lying slut. But her boyfriend or husband hasn’t the slightest clue. And when the fidelity question pops up and she either admits to cheating or gets caught lying, the guy is totally shocked. –you know the expression, you can never truly know someone? Well, it proves to be true. Because in less than 30 minutes on The Moment of Truth, these families are hit with things that they never imagined.

And to give you a hint of how personal the show gets… not one contestant has won the $500,000. Not one person was willing (or able) to answer the total of 21 questions. No one has even come close. –Watch all the episodes
here @ Fox.Com. I guarantee you will be amazed!