Proof that Europe Is Completely Ignorant

65% of French, German, and Italians would vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming presidential election if given the chance. And some Eurorag newspapers are even describing Barack Obama as the “John Kennedy of our time”.

Imagine that! A man with absolutely no experience, no convictions (he has flip-flopped on every major position) and no actual policy is hailed a great man in many European countries. -Hilariously funny but at the same time very, very frightening.

I wonder what about Obama makes Europe love him. Could it be the Obama’s anti-American and anti-Semitic ties? Perhaps it is because of his “anti-war” (anti-US military intervention) stance? Whatever reasons it may be I can tell you that it is not based on sound political understanding.

Most politicians shove some type of empty rhetoric down our throats. But all Barack Obama is, is empty rhetoric. Anyway, I just thought it was funny for the American people to be labeled ignorant by the most ignorant people on the planet.