Reason and the Radical Leftist

Can they coexist?

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while because frankly, I’m tried of the monotony that comes with political blogging. I’ve written it all and I’ve seen it all. But, occasionally I don’t mind wondering aloud…

-Barack Obama scares me. He really does. Not because he is black (half-black) or because he happens to be in the Democratic Party (as a former Democrat, I truly respect the honest few that are left). What scares me is that Barack Obama is a true believer. He is a true, hardcore leftist.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Being a leftist doesn’t make him a bad person; I can handle differing opinions. But the prospect (as minute as it may be) of a radical leftist in control of this country is something that scares me. And a radical leftist acting as commander-in-chief of the US military is enough to make me sick.

The reason for this is very simple. –Logic and extremism never go together. You can’t run a presidential campaign on the immediate US surrender of Iraq just because you happen to be “anti-war”. And I put “anti-war” in quotations because people like Barack Obama (and every other liberal) aren’t really, anti-war. What they are is “anti-US military intervention”. Liberals have long been content with brutal regimes and horrific genocide as long as the US does not impose its military will.

Just because Barack has a principled stance against the use of the United States military, it does not mean that he can ignore the undeniable progress in Iraq. It does not mean that he can ignore the fact that the Iraqi people really have a legitimate chance to grow a functioning democracy. Barack Obama cannot do that…….. But he does! He does because logic and extremism do not mix. We all know that alcohol impairs judgment. Well, so does liberalism (or extreme conservatism for that matter).

Let me put it this way: It goes back to the classic battle of book smarts vs. street smarts. And one of them will get you killed

George Bush has street smarts. Barack Obama has book smarts. Unfortunately, the world is not a social club where the thematic discussion is 19th century poetry. The world is the proliferation of nuclear weapons and tyrannical regimes bent on the destruction of an entire people. The world is brutal North Korean prison camps. It is a world where women get stoned to death for dating men from a differing religion.

Leading the free-world with hopeless idealism is a noble thing… it truly is. It will also get you killed. And by “you”, I mean we. And by “we”, I mean American servicemen and the American people. Because in the end, a leader has to be able to find the reality through their ideological prism. The extremist views of Barack Obama and those of radical jihad may be at the opposite ends of the spectrum… but they do both lead to the same thing. -American causalities.