Hold It... Or Get the Fuck Out!

Don’t you hate when you’re at a ballgame and some idiot or some useless teenage bitch disrespects the National Anthem? –'Cause I sure do… so much so, that I wish I could smack them in the face.

But "The Boss", George Steinbrenner has taken it one beautiful step further:

(Lee Russakoff) The Boss doesn't want you moving during "God Bless America," and he'll kick you out of his stadium if you disobey.

Last year, George Steinbrenner instructed security officials at Yankee Stadium to ban anyone from "excessive movement" during the 7th inning rendition of "God Bless America."

Apparently, he was serious.

The folks over at Deadspin have broken the story that a a 29-year-old man from Queens "made the unfortunate decision to blatantly disregard 'God Bless America' and hit the head."

Police at the game thought the appropriate reaction to this America-hater was to forcibly eject him from the stadium…