How To Tell if a Politician is Phony

Whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican, a great way to tell that if a politician that you like is a complete hack, is if they do the sideways fist with the thumb over top. –You know, the Bill Clinton fist shake.

Remember that?

I’ve noticed that a lot of politicians (from both idiotic parties) use the sideways fist pump when they do television interviews or speeches; I have always noticed it. And every time I see someone do it, I think to myself, Get the fuck out of my face with that bullshit!

The mannerism is obviously fake. It's focus group nonsense. And you can tell that these jerk offs practice the stupid fist-pumpy thing in the mirror. They probably do it for hours. –Just talk like a normal fuckin' person for shit’s sake!

Fuck them and anyone like ‘em