Lieberman Punks DNC; Fred Guts Obama

I haven’t cheered out loud for politics in a long time. But thanks to Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman I couldn’t help but stand up and cheer. I couldn’t help but cry (again) when Fred went over John McCain’s war-fighting and POW experience. And when he blasted Obama, I was yelling, It’s about fuckin’ time!

Thompson said Obama is "history-marking nominee for president," Thompson said. "History-making in that he is the most liberal, most inexperienced nominee to ever run for president.

That was the line that got me reenergized for this election. And when he said that McCain was a candidate, unlike Obama, who doesn’t need to apologize for America, I was jumping out of my chair.

After that, we had the real historic speech. A former Democratic VP nominee endorsing John McCain during a prime time speech at a Republican National Convention… that is historic. Obama’s speech was the same tired liberal talking points we’ve heard every year for the past 40 years. –historically boring if you ask me.

Joe Lieberman proved, about John McCain, what the Obama campaign can only pretend to posses.- Bi-partisanship. It doesn’t get any more bi-partisan than a lifelong Democrat supporting a Republican presidential nominee.

He made the point that when it comes to running this country in the times in which we live, it is about country first; not politics. It is about supporting a realistic candidate of change with a proven record of change, rather than an empty suit where the only indication of actual change is an oversized campaign button with the phrase “Change” in bold print on the face of it.

And guess what? Do you know what happens when you put the country first and you happen to be in the Democratic Party? You get attacked and threatened by your party leadership.

The day after Lieberman’s historic speech, Chuck Schumer proves Lieberman’s point by admitting that when it comes to gaining power, politics are first and the country is a distant second:

Charles Schumer, the senior Senator from New York, begs to differ [over Lieberman’s message]. In fact, most Democrats are furious with Lieberman.

"I like Joe Lieberman, but that's a big mistake for him," Schumer said. "To be pro-war and to have his views on the issues, everyone respects that. But you don't go over to the other side."

And former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean points out what will happen now that Lieberman put his country first and committed treason against the liberal agenda:

"He's going to be punished by the Democratic Party and he knows it. But he wants to do it because he thinks he's the best candidate for president," Kean said.

He is going to be punished… And it seems that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is very disappointed with Joe Lieberman. They have already pushed him out of their party but his leadership positions are at risk.