Movie Trailer Legend, Don LaFontaine Dies

He had one of those voices that was always meant to be here. Movies and TV wont be the same without him.

(CBC News) Don LaFontaine, the man who provided the sonorous voice for more than 5,000 movie trailers, died Monday at age 68.

LaFontaine died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles of complications from a collapsed lung. He had been taken to the hospital Aug. 22 with a blood clot in the lung.

LaFontaine was known as the "king of the movie trailers," having done the trailer voiceovers for films such as Terminator, Fatal Attraction, Cheaper by the Dozen, Batman Returns and his personal favourite, The Elephant Man...

He also has been parodied by comedians such as Janeanne Garofolo and Pablo Francisco and even participated in parodies of himself, including a shtick in The Simpsons Movie in which Homer repeats what LaFontaine says right after he says it.

LaFontaine also did thousands of television commercials, network promotions, video game trailers and other spots.

And here is Pablo Fransisco doing a great paraody of Don: