Why the RNC was Most Watched Ever

Because average voters are looking for a reason to vote Republican

It is clear that most Americans are dissatisfied with the leadership of the Bush Administration. But the thing is, is that independent voters understand the Democratic Party and the liberal agenda. And because they are rational people, they want nothing of it.

Now, they are drawn to Obama for obvious reasons. But in the back of their mind, they are uncertain of the medias’ portrayal of Obama as a man of change. -They know the major media is in the tank. So what they are saying to themselves (and what is proved by the record viewership) is that, if John McCain and Sarah Palin can reaffirm my distrust of the Democratic Party I can feel at ease voting for another Republican after George W. Bush.

Average voters were looking for comfort. They don’t, for good reason, trust Democrats. It was the same reason George Bush was reelected in 2004. The Iraq war was a disaster and Bush was unpopular. Yet, he still won the election. Why? –Because there was no way in hell that America was going to put a liberal in the White House during war time.

Guess what? We’re still in a serious War on Terror. And despite Bush’s unpopularity, America knows that we cannot make a liberal the Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces. -We still want to kill some terrorists.

Anti-American, troop-bashing Democrats have left a nasty taste in the back of their mouth. Obama was a refreshing alternative but that residual bitterness is almost impossible to wash away.