Barack Obama is Kimbo Slice

It’s a phony. It is all a trick.

Millions of people were in love with Kimbo Slice… they really thought he was a real MMA fighter. Informed people, of course, knew he was a joke. But what happened was that his handlers manipulated the system to keep Kimbo from actually being tested. So he was given old has-beens to beat up on. And he won.

In the same type of way, The Barack Obama campaign maneuvered Obama around the media (which was helped by the fact that MSM is supporting him). But they put out what they wanted to put out and created a hype that has nearly catapulted him into the Presidency. It is a complete façade. No media person can describe who Barack Obama really is? –Hey, everyone says he’s a great fighter so….

But what happened when Kimbo Slice had to fight an average, current MMA fighter? He got knocked out in less than 10 seconds. Barack Obama’s greatness is Kimbo’s greatness. -Controlled hype