My Friends, McCain Blew It

I like how all of the conservative blogs think McCain won the presidential debate and how all of the liberal blogs think Obama won.

But the simple reality is, is that John McCain lost. Barack Obama was streamlined and well spoken. McCain was avoiding questions and pretty much whining about the time allotted to Obama. It was pathetic.

You could tell what McCain was trying to do. –trying to go on the “offensive” against Barack’s lack of experience. But every time that he tried to lay a left jab on his jaw, Obama sidestepped and nailed McCain with a left hook. Especially when McCain left himself open on his judgment about the Iraq war.

I was watching to see some kind of onslaught on the part of the McCain campaign. But all I saw was desperation. And every time he said “my friends” I couldn’t help but lower my head and say, what the hell? The truth is, despite credibility, Obama looked presidential and McCain looked to be begging.