Resistance 2 Multiplayer Sucks

I picked up the new Resistance on Friday hoping to enjoy an upgraded version of one of the funnest shooters I’ve ever played. Unfortunately, what I got was a piece of shit wrapped around a Jell-O covering.

Now the campaign mode is unbelievable. I mean it is really something beautiful. On the other hand, both the competitive and Co-Op modes are 100% boring. So much so that I really thought about returning the game to get my money back. But the campaign mode is so great that I’ve decided to keep the game for that reason alone.

There was all this hype about large 60 player maps. But what I found out is that the large games are not eligible for XP. And the gameplay is so slow that even with 60 players, it’s boring. And when you play normal modes like Team Deathmatch, you’re lucky if you can get two full squads. It’s normally like 5 on 4.

Nothing about the multiplayer is good. –At all. Weapons are weak. Maps are rigid. And graphics are almost second-rate. It’s a shame because Fall of Man was so fun to play online.

Oh, well. Here’s waiting for CoD 5