Has the Press Turned on Obama?

Probably 'cause he's black.

But it's nice to see the media going after Neo on all sorts of issues. Granted some reporter did try to jump a barrier rope to try and get the Prez's autograph.

And it's not like Barack is doing himself any favors. It seems that every single one of his nominations is some kind of tax evader. Hell, I wish that were the case for me. I would love to have so much money and power that people gave me things like a Limo service. -Isn't it funny how people with a lot of money and celebrity rarely have to buy anything?

anyway, the media did its best to destroy the Bush Administration. I hope they do their best to, at least, point out the idiocy of our current situation.

It is almost as if Barack Obama has no qualifications whatsoever and the media has picked up on that fact. Hmm, who what of thought.

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