The Rock Obama

You don't want Barack to get angry. You won't like him when he's angry:

Killzone 2 Multiplayer Sucks

The online play is sluggish. There is a serious lag between the time you make contact with the controller to the time your player responds. It is so bad that it makes horrible users better, and it makes great users worse. Target acquisition, using either the iron sights or the green dot sight, is almost impossible.

Don’t get me wrong, the campaign gameplay is mind-blowing. -It’s great. But it's obvious that the online mode was seriously neglected. It’s so bad that it makes Resistance 2 multiplayer look like a work of genius.

If you are used to CoD4 and World at War, then there is no way you are going to like the way this game feels. Now, in terms of graphics and overall coolness, Killzone 2 has any game beat. But no amount of Next-Gen graphics can substitute for gameplay. Trust me, I hate Call of Duty: World at War... but at least (when the servers work) you can actually shoot someone!

I pre-orded Killzone 2 almost two years ago. And to be honest, I would rather play Killzone 1 on PS2.

Oh, How I Wish Hillary Clinton Won

I never thought that I could come to wish Hillary Clinton was President of the United States...

but I do, and it sucks. It's almost as if Barack Obama had zero credibility and ABSOLUTELY no qualifications to be President (gee, whodathunkit). He can't even put a cabinet together. No one, in their right mind wants to even be a part of this so-called "historic" presidency.

It is obvious he cares nothing for National Security. He cares nothing for the immediate financial crises. -He cares only about pushing social engeniering and distributing wealth. He thinks the United States of America is Chicago Illionis...

Uh, this isn't a city budget run by a plethora of corrupt local politicians.

Cowboys Cut Owens; Keep Useless Coach

-Yet another round of bullshit from the Cowboys.

The problem was never Terrell Owens. The problem was that they never got him the ball. The problem was the widely reported lack of discipline. The problem was that Tony Romo’s head was so far up Jessica Simpson’s ass that it seemed as if he didn’t want to play. The problem has been and continues to be Wade Phillips.

I don’t understand how the Cowboys plan to win (not that they’ve won a playoff game in over a decade) without a playmaker receiver. And it doesn’t make sense to just release him and take a Cap hit. Why not let him play if you have to pay him anyway???

How does keeping Wade Phillips and cutting T.O. make the Cowboys better?

Troop-Hating Traitors Mad at Rush Limbaugh

I found it hilarious that the political party who spent every day of the past 6 years trying to undermine the country, is concerned about Rush Limbaugh.

All that Limbaugh can do is "hope" that Obama fails. The Democratic Party actually led a concerted effort to force a surrender in Iraq; so that Bush would fail and they could take the White House. They shamelessly slandered the US military in order to gain political points. They actually celebrated Intelligence leaks (which put US Personnel at risk) so they could make President Bush look bad. --And they actually aided and comforted our enemies for short term political gain.

Democrats Piss me Off!